Friday, 24 June 2016

Friday, June 24th

Our show and tell day was a success today!  I really enjoyed listening and watching what the students shared.  A job well done!

We also had our Spelling Bee this morning.  The results were:  Thomas, Libby and Arwen were tied for third place, Bianca was second, and Ashlyn won first place.  Congratulations!
It was a close one as they needed four rounds to determine who came in first, second, and third. I would also like to acknowledge other students who definitely studied for this test and had only minor errors.  The following is a picture of the winners (sorry, I just noticed that the picture didn't turn out clear).

-I will be sending home student work on Monday.  This is all of your child's work since September.  There is a purple folder that contains all of the assessment pieces in language and math.-We will be having a movie day on Tuesday.  Students may bring in peanut free snacks.  Please no chips or candy.  Thank you!
-Report cards are going home on Tuesday also.
-The last day of school is on Wednesday.

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