Monday, 20 June 2016

Monday, June 20th

We had an awesome time at the Jack Pine Trail!  The students were very excited about going on a field trip.  We were fortunate to have Elena with us, guiding us through the forest to inform us of the various plants and wildlife.  We also had a nice visit at Holy Trinity today.

Thank you to all the parent volunteers!  We couldn't have done it without your extra pair of eyes and patience!

Show and tell on Friday:
Students are asked to pick one subject to present.  This may be about a person, a trip, a topic of interest, etc...  They are to present it in whichever format they choose (e.g., slideshow, hands-on, etc..)
The following are a list of ideas they may want to include to help them with their oral skills:
-introduce the subject
-tell your audience why this subject/topic appeals to you
-tell about its history
-describe your subject/topic in as much detail as possible
-rehearse as much as possible
-speak clearly so that your audience may hear you
-must be ready for some questions from your audience
-must be about 2 minutes in length

-Spelling Bee on Friday.  I gave a green sheet of 100 words to study from.
-Show and tell on Friday.

The following are some of the pictures from Jack Pine and Holy Trinity (app launch project):

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