Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tuesday, June 21st

Today, students played a fraction game in class in order to become more familiar with equivalent fractions.  Then, they had the chance to acknowledge National Aboriginal Day by putting together a "cootie-catcher".

During Language, we had the chance to do a couple of poems.  I introduced how to write cinquain and acrostic poems.  

-spelling bee on Friday (please study using the 100 word list)
-show and tell on Friday 
The following is the criteria for your show and tell:
-introduce the subject
-tell your audience why this subject/topic appeals to you
-tell about its history
-describe your subject/topic in as much detail as possible
-rehearse as much as possible
-speak clearly so that your audience may hear you
-must be ready for some questions from your audience
-must be about 2 minutes in length

The following are poetry written by some of the students today:

June is hot.                                                              Hurricane
Up above the sky.                                                    Big, dangerous
National Aboriginal Day.                                           Moving, changing, swirling
Eating food in the sun.                                             Big and very dangerous
                     -Ashlyn                                                Big storm.                                                                                                                                           -Ralph

One of a kind.                                                                        My brother.
Loving type of dog.                                                              Funny, cute.
Is cute                                                                                      Running, hiding, laughing.
Very loving to people                                                           My brother likes cookies.
Energetic at first.                                                                   Sibling.
Runs fast.                                                                                                       -Lisa

Party animals.                                                                         Tornado
Extremely cute.                                                                       Dangerous and incredible.
Never ugly                                                                                Twirling, massive, destruction.
Great swimmers.                                                                     Most dangerous severe weather
Up at the top of the hill.                                                          Funnel cloud.
Irresponsibly curious.                                                                                  -Sean
Never lame.

Monarch                                                                                    Castle
Beautiful, small                                                                         Enormous, royal.
Changing, flying, resting.                                                       Aging, collapsing, changing.
A Monarch is beautiful.                                                           Castles are very old.
Butterfly.                                                                                     Medieval building.
                         -Naa-Ameley                                                                              -Douglas

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