Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tuesday, September 13th

Hi everyone,
I would like to share the information for the pizza and milk orders.  The following information was passed on to me:

Pizza - Wednesdays
Sept 21- Jan 25 (17 weeks)
Cheese or Pepperoni - $2.25 slice (total for 17 weeks $38.25)
Gluten free Cheese - $2.50 slice (total for 17 weeks $42.50)

Orders are due by this Friday, Sept 16.

Milk - Oct 3-Dec 23 (57 days)
White or Chocolate - $0.75 each (total for 57 days $42.75)
They have to order for all days and can only have either white or chocolate. No switching from day to day. Sealtest is the provider.

 Please mark down the dates if you do place an order.  This will help to remember when either the pizza or milk will terminate.

-Reading log

-Scholastic book orders are due Friday.
-Meet the Teacher night is this Thursday, between 6-7pm.  Parents are asked to proceed to the gym for 6pm for a brief presentation.  From 6:20-7pm, parents may visit their child's classroom.

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