Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tuesday, October 4th

Today in Math, we continued rounding numbers.  So far, we practiced rounding numbers to the nearest tens.  Tomorrow, and hopefully Thursday, we will have rounded numbers to the nearest hundreds and thousands.

In Religion, students reflected on the online videos that we watched and did a reflection piece about what they can do to change the world.  They also listed ideas of performing random acts of kindness.

During Language, I paired up students to practice using their "fix-up strategies" while reading "Food Chains, The Grasslands".   Ask your child what fix-up strategies mean and what kinds are there. 

-reading log
-Math:  I sent home a package of adding and subtracting practice.  This will help students to add and subtract numbers up to four digits.  This package is due by: Tuesday, October 11th.

There is a PD day on Friday and a holiday on Monday.  Please have your child send back their reading logs on Thursday.  Thank you!

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