Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wednesday, October 19th

Happy birthday, Ryan!

We had a quiz on adding, subtracting, and rounding numbers.  This will be going home to be signed by a parent once they are assessed.

In Language, students are working hard at developing their well-detailed paragraph.  From practicing their fix-up strategies on Monday, they are using their new information from their readings and incorporating it into their paragraphs.

-reading log
-read two RAZ KIDS books for tonight (one of the books may be used for the reading log)

Don't forget to vote for “Holy Redeemer Catholic School’s Playground” in Aviva’s 2016 Community Fund Challenge.  Here is the link: Vote for Holy Redeemer's Playground

On another note, our class won recognition for the best chant and most spirited team in yesterday's school Walkathon.  They did a job well done and had tough competition from other grades.  
Here are some pictures from the Walkathon:

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