Monday, 14 November 2016

Monday, November 14th

Good afternoon!
Today in math, we had our final test on patterning.  In language, we looked at another strategy in descriptive writing.  Students were introduced to the "Show not tell" strategy.  For example:
A telling statement:  We lost and I was sad.
A showing statement:  I walked slowly along, my head down, my hands in my pockets, dragging my feet along the ground.

-reading log
-Write a letter to a veteran (vet).  I gave a postcard to every student in the classroom.  They are to write about what they'd like. I encouraged them to thank a vet for sacrificing their life for us, helping to keep our country safe, etc...  I also mentioned that they only put their first name.  They may include the name of the school.  I will be sending these postcards out to a long-term care facility in Pembroke.

-Tomorrow is crazy hair day.
-Scholastic is due by Wednesday.

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