Thursday, 9 February 2017

Thursday, February 9th

Today, we had our final quiz on measurement.  Once these assessments are marked, they will be sent home, along with their reading tests to be signed.  

In language, the students were working hard to build an ad using Google drawings.  They were to incorporate the media techniques learned in class.

-reading log due tomorrow
-Spelling Survivor is tomorrow: study your words
-Cake Raffle information is going home today.  

The following is a class list of our homeroom.  The students have asked me to post a list so that they can begin writing out their Valentine's cards for next Tuesday.  As a class activity, I would like to make snowmen outside.  I am hoping to do this on Monday as some snow is expected on Sunday.  Students will be given the time tomorrow to get into groups and begin planning on what they would like to bring to decorate their snowmen!  

Grade 4 Class:
Liam                       Annie                    Nathan                Will   Alysa                      Ramona                Chelsea              Ryan
Lauren                   Ashley                   Gage                   Ella
Martina                  Mikayla                  Cooper                 Noah Kristina                  Kyler                      Rosaleigh            Caitie Makenna               Alexandra                      

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