Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tuesday, March 28th

Dear parents,
We have just started focusing on multiplication.  Students will be spending time daily practicing and learning their times tables.  We will be using a fun and motivating approach whereas students will earn belts after accomplishing 4 levels.  They will receive a certificate and will also go up the chart in class.  Once they know all of their times tables up to 10, they will be recognized with a "black belt".  
A fact (i.e., 5x4) is mastered when it can be answered instantly, without any pause.  Your child will learn only 2 facts at a time.  Each day, I will issue a test to show what they have learned.  I issued the first strip of facts to be studied for levels 1-4.  I also gave a yellow sheet with all the facts from 0-10, for extra practice.
Learning all the facts is a lot of work, but future success in math is dependent upon knowing facts so well that the answers come automatically without much thinking.  Thank you so much for your support of this critical learning goal.  


**Please note:
If your child comes home with a green duotang, there will be a practice sheet inside.  They are to review this practice sheet at home to retake the test the very next day.  The sheet can be used with a wipe-off marker (page protector provided).

Beginning                     White Belt                      Levels A, B, C, D
Passed D                     Yellow Belt                     Levels E, F, G, H
Passed H                     Orange Belt                    Levels I, J, K, L
Passed L                      Green Belt                      Levels M, N, O, P
Passed P                      Blue Belt                        Q, R, S, T
Passed T                      Purple Belt                     U, V, W, X
Passed X                      Brown Belt                     Y, Z
Passed Z                      Black Belt

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