Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wednesday, March 22nd

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Today is World Water Day.  We watched a short educational video about the importance of water and how fortunate we are to have it at our disposal.  We also had a discussion about the ways we can conserve water:

In math, we looked at geometric nets.  Nets are usually the unfolding of 3D shapes.  The following link provides the different 3D nets students should be familiar with:

3D nets

In language, students finished off their good copies for their persuasive writing pieces about whether dogs or cats are better.  Please read the following student work below.

-reading log
-Students are to work on their planning for their persuasive piece about:
Topic: Why is it important to save water?
Students were given a graphic organizer to help them organize their ideas.

Dogs are Good Pets
By: Alysa and Nathan

 Have you ever wished you had a pet? A dog is what you need to get. They can help people in m different ways. Dogs are good pets because of these reasons.
 First of all, dogs can help people everyday.  For example, they can help police officers by finding criminals, fireman by sniffing out smoke and lifeguards by helping people out of water. Dogs can help blind people walk and they will alert you when there is any danger. Dogs can persuade you to get exercise by walking them.
 Secondly, dogs are very intelligent. Dogs can be thought tricks and can also help the environment by picking up litter.  They know when you are sad and they will try to make you happy. Dogs will also try to understand you.  If you lose something, dogs can find what you are looking for. They have a great sense of smell.
  Dogs can help in many different ways and they are very smart. Dogs are very good pets.

Dogs are great pets
By: Kristina & Annie
  Dogs are great pets well at least better than cats.Dogs are playful unlike cats.Here are some other reason why dogs are way better than cats.
  First of all,dogs are smarter than cats.Dogs can sniff out  cancer. They can also sense your feelings and try to cheer you up.Here is some proof dogs are smarter than cats.Most of the jobs chose dogs to be their assistants and DO NOT chose cats.Also,dogs obey you because they are  not brainless unlike cats.cats only care about getting fed.Also cats do not care about their owners.
  Secondly,dogs make life worth living and are a man’s best friend.Dogs always will find a way to make you happy.Dogs love to cuddle you while if you try to hug a cat it will probably hit you in the face. Dogs play with you  which is the only point of a pet.Dogs play frisbee, fetch and run with you.
  In conclusion, dogs make your life worth living and very smart.These are all reasons why dogs are better than cats.So what are you waiting for?Get a dog already!

Cats are Better
By; Caitie H & Rosaleigh
  Cats are good pets, when you're sad or happy. They can make you feel better whenever. Can you get nearly as much stuff with a dog?
 Firstly, cats are more loving because when dogs at “work”, cats can stay home and love you. That is the whole point of a pet, not to be away from you. Cats don't bother you as much. When cats are quiet and gentle, dogs will go crazy and jump on you (maybe even slobber on you.) A cat's purr can calm you down if you're stressed.
 Secondly, cats save lives because they work in hospitals going room to room making people feel safe and comfortable. Cats can also smell out sicknesses and if you're depressed. Cats come to you when  you're dieing and comfort you.
 Cats are the best pets ever they can love you and can save your life. Can you get that from a dog? I don't think so.

Dogs Are Better Pets
By: Lauren & Noah
        Dogs  have many different uses.  Most of all they are cuddly and they help people. Did you know the basenji is the only breed of dog that can’t bark, but they can yodel!
  First of all, dogs are very cuddly. They are cuddly because they have lots of fur that is most of the time fluffy. They also lower your blood pressure when you pet them. Most dogs also prefer to sleep in a bed with you.
  Secondly, dogs have many uses. Like guide dogs they can help blind walk because they are smart. Also they are good swimmers so they can be lifeguard. They can also can be trained to sniff out sicknesses, like cancer, if you are having a heart attack or a stroke.
  All in all, dogs can do many things, they can sniff out sickness, be cuddly and they can be helpers to the blind.  Did you know dogs have wet noses to help absorb wet chemicals?   

Dogs Are Better Than Cats
By: Liam & ?
Do you like dogs to?  If you do then you would know that dogs are very lovable.
Firstly, dogs are way stronger than cats.  Dogs can defend when you are in the wild and another dog, or something else tries to attack you your dog will defend you.  Dogs can swim and cats can not because cats are afraid of water, and they are strong  enough.  Dogs are strong enough that they can jump up to a certain height to kill a lot of bugs.
Lastly, ogs are your best friends you will ever have in.  Dogs can sense sadness  and will come and make you smile. They also like to cuddle you when you want to cuddle them up  bed.  Dogs also like to get some of your being lazy.  Dogs will get you up and moving.  
In conclusion, dogs are super strong, and the best friend you can ever have.  Those are just a few reasons why dogs are better than ca because are so little.

Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats
By: Martina and Alex
  Do you think dogs are better pets than cats? Well, they are, because of these reasons.
  Firstly, dogs can save you. They can sniff out different types of sicknesses, so if you have a sickness in your house, they can warn you of the sickness. Dogs also help you if you’re blind, because you can hold on to a dog’s leash, and they can help you cross the street. Also, dogs are good swimmers, so they can save you from drowning, and maybe from some types of sea animals if you are in that kind of danger.
  Secondly, dogs are your best friend. They are very cuddly and can keep you warm on a cold night with their snuggly fur. Dogs are very loyal and will follow what you say, while cats will just sit around, even if you tell them to get up. Dogs also play with you whenever you want, whether it’s playing fetch or frisbee, but cats aren’t the playing type and won’t go outside even if you want to play.
  In conclusion, dogs are better pets than cats, because they can save you, and are your best friends. If you have a best friend like a dog, then your life will always be happy!

Cats are better than dogs
 By: Mikayla and Chelsea
  Do you think cats are better than dogs? Well here are some reasons why cats are better than dogs.
  First of all, Cats have great scents of smell. For example, Cats can smell if you or anyone from your family is really sick or just sick.They also can smell from your kitchen .For example,if your cat smells something that you are cooking, and if it is burning or on fire than your cat or cats will tell you. Cats can smell if there’s a fire. For example, if there is a fire than your cat can sniff it with its nose. That is why cats have good scents of smell.
  Secondly , Cats can save people,by when there's a fire. They can also save you by, if you slip a cat can save you. If you are really hurt cats can help you get better.  
In conclusion, Cats are the best pets because cats can save you and they have a great scents of smell. Now do you think that cats are better than dogs?

How Dogs Are Better Than Cat
By:Ryan and Kyler
  What do you think is better, dogs or cats ? Dogs are your everyday pets you should have . Dogs are your best friends forever, no matter what . Here are some ways dogs are good pets.
  Dogs are braver than you think . Dogs will protect you and bark if anyone or thing is near your house . If any one breaks into your house dogs will warn you . If needed dogs will run into fire . Some dogs are police dogs and save you if something is in your neighborhood .
  Dogs are even smarter than how brave they are. Professionals have even trained some smart dogs to actually use the toilet instead of the outdoors . Other dogs are even trained to protect and serve justice. Some types of dogs are guide dog and help blind people to get around.
  In conclusion dogs are very brave and smart and better than cats in these two ways. So why not go out and buy yourself a dog.

Cats are Better pets than Dogs
Written by: Ramona and Ashley
  Cats are good pets at least compared to dogs.Cats are more loving than dogs and more smart than dogs.
  First of all,cats are obviously more loving than dogs.Cats are more loving because  brian tmen some where they will stop and cuddle with you.They also don't jump on people when they come in the door.Cats also purr a lot.That means they like you.
  Secondly,cats are super smart because they think before they do things.If you are going outside the cat won’t run out the door,they will stay where there home is.Cats can also sense sickness.So if you have a stroke in the pool the cat will keep meowing to warn you.Cats also don’t think everything is a chew toy.Unlike dogs, they chew on everything.
  All in all,cats are more loving than dogs and more smart.Do you think dogs are like that?I don’t think so.Cats are the best pets in the world.   

Dogs are better pets than cats 
By: Will and Ella
  Dogs protect you, your family ,and your friends. So all these facts about dogs will prove that dogs are better than cats.
  First of all, dogs can help you, but cats are lazy, so they won’t help you. Dogs can help you if you’re drowning ,but cats are scared of water. Dogs can also help you if there’s a fire in your house. And a dog would actually save your life before theirs. If you like your clean then you should get a dog, because they will clean the floor. So dogs can help you in many ways.
  Secondly, dogs are very friendly, but cats, not so much. Dogs will cuddle you and lick you. If your day isn’t going so well dogs will try to cheer you up, by being friendly. And dogs will let you pet them, but most likely cats will run away.
  Lastly,dogs keep you healthy and active. Dogs need walks everyday so you can exercise everyday. If you play games with your dogs then that gives you exercise. And you can go swimming with your dog. So you get exercise if you have a dog.
  All in all,dogs can help you, dogs are friendly, and dogs keep you healthy. So dogs are better than cats.

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