Thursday, 27 April 2017

Thursday, April 27th

Congratulations to Martina, Ella, Chelsea, Alex, and Makenna for representing Holy Redeemer at this year's MASC writing conference!  I really hope that they enjoyed their day and got inspired with writers and poets.

While they were gone, we continued to do some math practice in the classroom.  We did some multiplication and division review.  Our totem poles are also nearly completed!  You will have to come in on Open House day next week (Friday) to check them out!

We also had Cathy Koss come in to do the Rosary this morning.  Again, we are so lucky to have Cathy come in during her spare time and share her knowledge.  

In Science (my afternoon group), the students had a great hands-on pulleys and gears workshop!  It allowed them to build, explore and test different components of pulleys and gears systems.

-reading log due tomorrow
-study times table (quiz everyday...more than half the class continues to do real progress)

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