Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Tuesday, May 9th

I was away yesterday and I was happy to see how the students worked hard on doing an inquiry on the Silverback gorilla.  We are really enjoying our book study on The One and Only Ivan.  Our learning goal will be to learn how to do a good, quality reading responses with this book.

In math, we began our unit on finding the area of shapes or object.  I wanted to share our math work that is being displayed in the school hallway by the office.  The principal gave the following question and picture prompt, how many shoes?

I put the class in groups and they had to find a strategy to estimate the amount of shoes in the picture.  It was great to see the various ways each group was problem solving!

-reading log
-Math: finish one side to the area practice sheet for tomorrow
-study times tables
-Spelling Survivor on Friday (please study here and there until Friday)

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