Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Wednesday, May 31st

Wow!  There are only about 20 days of school left.  Time sure flies!  Report cards for the last term will be issued around the last week of school.  I;ve already mentioned to students that one of our class activities for the end of the year will be a talent show.  Students may pair up with someone else or go on their own to show a special talent (i.e., sing a song, do a card trick, present a slideshow, etc...).
Today in math, we had a quiz on mass and capacity.  These were two small units that didn't need as much learning as the other units we have covered throughout the year.  Our next focus will be on probability.
In language, students are paired up to write a well-developed reading response.  They are to keep in mind the success criteria for a response.  

-reading log
-Math Prodigy: computation practice (adding, word problems)

We also had a special guest that came by before lunchtime today.  I wanted to do something special for the class and invited my dog, Chewy, along with her best friend, Charlie, in for a quick visit.  She sure loved getting the attention!

Chewy, Charlie and the Class

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