Monday, 11 September 2017

Monday, September 11th

Good afternoon!

Today in class, we looked at the different kinds of problem solving strategies that we can use when solving a tough question in math, i.e., use base ten numbers, guess and check, etc..

We also looked more closely at the learning skills.  I explained to students that the learning skills are probably the most important grades on your report card as they affect your grades in all subjects.  Students worked in groups to figure out what it looks like in each category, i.e., responsibility is following the rules and routines independently.

-reading log.  
 Read for 20 minutes and record in the red duotang that was sent home.  In the first box, students may write a short summary of what happened at the beginning, middle and end.

Tomorrow is my open house between 3-4 pm.  You may come by and visit my portable anytime during that hour to say hi.  It would be great to meet you!

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