Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Wednesday, January 31st

We continue to study about data management in class.  So far, we looked closely at pictographs and double bar graphs.  Students are learning how to include the necessary labeling, including an appropriate scale, specific title, graphing data, and writing up conclusions based on results.  We also looked at finding the median - the middle number in a set of data.

Students are always encouraged to practice using the links to the right of the blog to help them with their math skills.  We also have Math Prodigy and Mathletics that students have access to also.

-On double bar graphs is due tomorrow
-Please have a look at your child's test on elapsed time, sign it and return tomorrow

Thank you!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Wednesday, January 24th

The day has finally come and our APP project came to a close.  Our class was able to see the finished products today as we visited our Holy Trinity partner class.  It was a treacherous walk as most sidewalks were icy.  However, everyone made it back safe and sound!  Below are some pictures of our visit.

Also, we have been working hard on our data management unit in math class.  I introduced Mathletics to the class today.  This is a math program that they can practice the essential skills relating directly with the Ontario Curriculum.  The program is paid by the school board and can be accessed through your child's OCSB portal.  

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Wednesday, January 17th

Yesterday in math class, we had our final test on elapsed time.  We started our new unit on data management right after that.  We did a bit of review on pictographs and looking at the data on graphs.  This is a short unit, but one that requires some attention to detail on building graphs.
The following are the objectives for this unit:
-collecting information about a topic using a survey
-creating bar graphs and double bar graphs
-creating stem and leaf plots
-identifying the median and mode in a set of data
-making inferences or conclusions based on the results on a graph

-a homework sheet went home yesterday.  Due: tomorrow 
-I put some data management practice in Math Prodigy (optional)

-permission forms for the APP launch project at Holy Trinity went home this week.  Please send both sheets back by tomorrow.
-Scholastic book orders are due back tomorrow.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sunday, January 14th

Our final test on elapsed time as been postponed to Tuesday, due to the "snow day" we had on Thursday.  I encourage students to continue to come prepared for this test.  
Ways to study for Tuesday's test:
-use the links provided under Time (to the right)
-go to Math Prodigy and practice with the questions I provided
-borrow a textbook from me

Our next unit will be on data management.  This unit is about building graphs, looking at the data on graphs, and writing conclusions from graphs.

-A Scholastic book order will be going home this week.  It is due by Thursday.
-We will also be going to Holy Trinity High School on January 24th.  A permission form will be going home this week to be signed.  Please return it by Thursday.

Thank you!