Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sunday, January 14th

Our final test on elapsed time as been postponed to Tuesday, due to the "snow day" we had on Thursday.  I encourage students to continue to come prepared for this test.  
Ways to study for Tuesday's test:
-use the links provided under Time (to the right)
-go to Math Prodigy and practice with the questions I provided
-borrow a textbook from me

Our next unit will be on data management.  This unit is about building graphs, looking at the data on graphs, and writing conclusions from graphs.

-A Scholastic book order will be going home this week.  It is due by Thursday.
-We will also be going to Holy Trinity High School on January 24th.  A permission form will be going home this week to be signed.  Please return it by Thursday.

Thank you!

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