Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Wednesday, January 17th

Yesterday in math class, we had our final test on elapsed time.  We started our new unit on data management right after that.  We did a bit of review on pictographs and looking at the data on graphs.  This is a short unit, but one that requires some attention to detail on building graphs.
The following are the objectives for this unit:
-collecting information about a topic using a survey
-creating bar graphs and double bar graphs
-creating stem and leaf plots
-identifying the median and mode in a set of data
-making inferences or conclusions based on the results on a graph

-a homework sheet went home yesterday.  Due: tomorrow 
-I put some data management practice in Math Prodigy (optional)

-permission forms for the APP launch project at Holy Trinity went home this week.  Please send both sheets back by tomorrow.
-Scholastic book orders are due back tomorrow.

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